Some are not the most talkative.

Most accountants know how to communicate and they do it well. But some are just not good at explaining things. Like those who use jargon. And there are some who really have to work on their communication skills. It’s all about knowing how to have conversations and the kind of conversations they need to have.  

Accountants also don’t have much time to communicate with clients since the Hayne Royal Commission as they are so bogged down with compliance where institutions will need to report on deficiencies and demonstrate meaningful progress in remediation of those deficiencies.

That means they are not talking to their clients or pursuing leads for new clients. In Australia, business owners have an accountant to ensure they meet their compliance obligations, help them take advantage of tax strategies and keep them off the ATO’s radar.

The problem is many see this as a once-a-year requirement. This means they may not even speak to their accountant until it’s time to prepare and lodge their tax return. And that means they’ve been running their business for a full 12 months without advice.

This is why accountants need to communicate more often to their clients, alongside their regular compliance work, and have conversations with them about how much they stand to gain from regular insights and advice that focus on their current and future business performance rather than past results. 

But how do they do that? And how can I change this?  I offer accountants a string of services that can improve their communication levels.

I can offer them podcasting, newsletters, blogs, and management reports. I can edit and prepare copy for their websites, and give them lead magnets.

I show them:

  • the use of newsletters and practice marketing including the pitfalls of using generic materials.
  • The use of electronic email marketing platforms such as MailChimp.
  • Enhancing existing websites with real time blogs using SEO techniques.
  • Affordability and effective use of video and audio for marketing purposes
  • Time saving measures when professionals are swamped.
  • Presenting themselves professionally to government inquiries and parliamentary committees.
  • Communication as a risk management tool at a time of increasing scams and digital theft.

Any accountants out there needing help with their communications should contact me on 0411 745 193 or


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