Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is now critical for all blogs.

SEO gets you picked up by Google. It’s not sexy and it doesn’t deliver instant results. But SEO is like going to the gym. Do it for a year and you’ll notice the difference for your blog.

A client wanted a blog but he didn’t do SEO. He didn’t understand it, it was too confusing.

I did his blog for him using five SEO techniques:

  1. I used important key words. A key word is any phrase that would rank in Google’s search results. I went for informational key words providing information for the topic. I used Wordstream’s keyword research tool to find good key words.
  2. I also used a meta description. That’s the the HTML tag setting out for a post or page of the blog describing what the blog is about. A meta description tag is valuable for both search engines and web browsers because it helps browsers understand what the blog is about and if it answers their query. A unique meta description can increase clicks and visibility in search.  I used a free meta description generator for that.
  3. As I had already written a blog on the same topic, I linked to  and from these posts. It made the new blog post, and the existing posts, stronger because it allowed my client to  show authority on the subject. These links are called internal links.
  4.  The other part that’s good for SEO is linking to another website, using external links. Adding trustworthy and relevant website links improved the credibility of my client’s blog and provided readers with references, enhancing the blog’s authority. And it improved the blog’s SEO. By linking to other high quality websites, it helped Google and other search determine the usefulness and quality of the blog.
  5. I added images and videos to the blog posts.  This made them more engaging and interesting for readers. Creating content that readers love also tends to rank higher in the search results. Pexels is a large collection of public domain photographs. It has categories and I could use their search feature.

  If you need help creating a blog with SEO, contact me at or 0411 745 193.