Clients ask me to go over their websites and give them more pizzazz and oomph.

They reason they come to me is they don’t have the time to do it themselves and they know their writing needs attention. Your website is the first impression people have of your business. It needs to focus on the target audience and it needs great branding.

I have five ways to do it:

1. Focus on the customers, not the client.

The website shouldn’t be about your business. It has to be what your clients can do with your products and services. So I identify your client’s issues and problems and then show them how your products and services can fix those problems. My job is to understand the type of wording that your customers will react to and are enticed by. I chose wording they interact with, hopefully which persuades them to buy.

2. Make it conversational

I use an active voice and shorter sentences because people have limited attention spans. I know you can sell your products face to face so I use the words that you would use selling face to face. I use “you” and “your” in the copy. Conversational copy makes it about person reading it, and it instantly evokes a closer connection.

3. Be concise

I always edit the website in a way that make it seem like your know the reader is on their way to an important meeting. I make it concise. I use snappy, unpretentious writing so that the reader can understand that you immediately and feel that they are validated in their choice to read,

4. Don’t be salesy

It’s important to talk like a human and not a sales bot. In this digital world, everyone is wise to marketing tactics. No-one wants to feel they’re being sold.

Selling is all about relationships and it’s important I take the time to connect with someone before I share your offers. At the end of the day, customers want to know how your product or service can affect them.

I also sure make sure    I know who the target audience is. I consider my tone carefully. If I am speaking to C-level executives, I keep it brief, clear, and I use business terms, and a professional tone.  If I am talking to a casual audience, I am topical, I use humour or pop-culture references.

5. Fixing grammar and spelling

From time to time, your will make spelling and grammar mistakes. Little things like getting “it’s” mixed up with “its”, or misspelled words.  Or sometime the writing just needs tightening up.  I do it in a polite way but it has to be done to ensure your website is a great brand and gets the message acress

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