Accountants are essential, active members of corporate teams, and as such, they must constantly interact and communicate with people.

The connection between accountants and their clients is an important relationship in the business world.

Communication with clients is essential. It builds trust.

The connection between accountants and their clients is an important relationship in the business world.

The role of a copywriter is crucial for helping the accountants communicate with their clients. The copywriter produces engaging and accurate copy through several platforms. Their work helps build trust, credibility, and the client’s confidence in the accountant.

This is particularly crucial now because a lot of the accountants’ time is taken up with compliance instead of communication. The copywriter does the communication for the accountant. The copywriter is the accountant’s vehicle for communication.

This can be done in 5 platforms:

1. Website

There are some websites that need urgent attention. The copywriter will professionalise the accountant’s site by refining their content so that it speaks directly to their target audience, showing how the accountant can solve their client’s problems, teasing out the points of difference that helps the accountant compare favourably to their opposition and making sure that the website’s SEO is up to scratch and that it ranks as high as it should.

2. Newsletters

The newsletter for accountants is a great marketing tool.  The accounting newsletter will help the accountant reinforce their value to existing clients and, hopefully, get new ones over time. The copywriter has to create a newsletter that people read. The copywriter needs to make the content interesting and easy to digest. The copywriter should use clear, descriptive subject lines that tell people what’s in the newsletter and the copy should steer away from promotional language. The copywriter also needs to keep it short, direct, concise and warm, writing the newsletter as though all recipients are old clients. The copy needs to be conversational and informal.

3. Blogs

The reason why accountants need blogs is because a good blog can drive traffic to the accountant’s website. The copywriter can provide a good accounting blog that gives tips to clients like:

  • Plain-English guides to complex accounting principles
  • Seasonal or event-based information such as EOFY or the holiday season.
  • Tips and tricks to make tax compliance easier and more efficient
  • News – informed commentary on finance and accounting news or budget announcements, new tax laws and business subsidies
  • ‘How -to’ guides on anything, whether it’s on payroll, setting up a feature in cloud accounting software or how to sell your business.
  • Templates to download like checklists and tax calendars etc
  • Case studies with existing clients
  • Insights into the latest trends

To make the blog SEO friendly, it will need links, key words and pictures. The copywriter should provide that.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are an effective portable, convenient and intimate way to deliver and produce content and build ongoing relationships with clients and employees, and to attract new clients. Podcasts are good for providing content to the accountant’s clients while also driving traffic back to their website. They are also a great way to connect with potential clients and get them excited about the accountant’s brand.  Each podcast should be short and sharp on relevant issues that clients are interested in. The copywriter should script it, and if necessary conduct interviews. The copywriter should also have the software to edit it and convert the MP3 into a link to go on the accountant’s website or to be sent out to the accountant’s clients.

5. Management reports

The management report is an analytical tool used by managers to inform the performance of the business in several areas and departments. The copywriter needs to talk to different departments and put the information in one clear voice. A good management report for the accountant’s clients should have a clear, precise title, a summary, clearly stated objectives, results and conclusions, KPIs tracking the clent’s progress, and tracking the accounting firm’s progress.

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