When copywriting, pain points of your client’s customers set the stage for the product or service your client wants to offer.

Smart marketing in the website, blog or newsletter focuses on areas that are most painful for your audience.

Smart marketing in the website, blog or newsletter focuses on areas that are most painful for your audience.

By reminding them of—and exacerbating—their pain, you’re more likely to convince them to make a purchase from your client. 

So what are the steps?

The first thing is to make sure you and your client have analysed customer feedback.   This is important because customers are informing your client about their experience and satisfaction levels regarding their product or service. Customer feedback can come in from a variety of channels (email, social media, phone calls, emails, SMS) Some feedback is worth listening to purely because of the severity of the problem the customer is experiencing. When the customer identifies the problem, it’s a signal that the client needs to do something about it.

The feedback allows the copywriter to identify

  • What problem your client’s product or service solves
  • Why someone would need your client’s product or service
  • If your target audience uses a competitor’s product or service
  • How it makes them feel
  • What they hate about it
  • What is their primary concern with purchasing your client’s product or service

The key for the copywriter is to know the client’s target audience. Basically, it’s about targeting a group of people with the education, goals, interests, and problems as your client’s ideal customer.  Basically, you want to target people who will buy your client’s stuff.

The copywriter then uses the problem-agitate-solve formula. The copywriter needs to identify the  customer’s pain point, agitate it by exaggeration so that the customer really feels the problem and solve it by delivering a solution. ie the client’s products and services.

Importantly, the copywriter needs to focus on the benefits and solutions their client’s product and service offers.

The copywriter also makes sure to have a great headline that grabs the reader’s attention.

And finally, the copywriter makes sure to put in a great call to action that encourages the audience to do something about it.

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