Podcasts are very much the future of media. What makes podcasts so special for marketing? First, there’s low competition.

While there are around 80 million Facebook business pages, there’s only 700,000  podcasts airing. This number shrinks when you search by topics.

There may be only a handful of other podcasts discussing the topics relevant to your business, with hundreds-to-thousands of listeners.

Secondly, podcasts require little effort to engage with, on the listener’s behalf.

Unlike blogs, which have to be read, or videos that require audiences to watch, all a podcast listener has to do is hit play and listen. It’s the perfect for multi-tasking. And finally, they’re mobile friendly.

5 Tips For better podcasts

  1. Have good equipment: while you don’t need state of the art equipment, you need a good microphone and editing software. Podcasts with poor audio quality have little chance of success.
  2. Choose the right theme: Always make sure you have a theme that you are interested in and you know will interest people. IF you are informed and passionate about your theme, it will keep your audience engaged,
  3. Produce a quality podcast: This does not happen overnight, You need to practice doing podcasts. Rehearsing your words and listening to other quality podcasts will help. Keep learning and honing the podcast to produce a quality product that will attract and engage listeners.
  4. Get great guests: Great guests will always attract listeners. They are also likely to bring in their own followers. Ask good questions and allow them to explore topics and themes that are important for them.
  5. Be consistent: Find a schedule and stick to it. Make sure the podcast is published at the same time. You are in a relationship with your audience. They need to know they can rely on you.

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