AI machines are already able to create copy at a speed completely unachievable by humans.

Remarkably, they do it to a ‘human’ standard. But the copywriter will still have a role.  AI is here to stay.

Good copywriters will know how to work with AI. AI can do repetitive work but some companies will still need human copywriters to add the real value of innovative and creative copy. They will prefer the human touch with experienced human writers to review or polish off their AI-generated drafts. So good copywriters are safe. And good companies know the value of their copywriters. They won’t jeopardize the growth of their company or the success of a product by going all in on a new technology. - UNLOCKING OPPORTUNITIES: WORKING WITH AI AND COPYW
AI machines are already able to create copy at a speed completely unachievable by humans.


There will also be a role for copywriters as editors. Producing high-quality drafts with little input from a writer, AI copy usually still requires review and refinement from a human editor before it goes live – particularly if that copy is used in high-stakes contexts like legal documents. This is because artificial intelligence is only as accurate as the information fed into it. There is one case in the US where a lawyer for a man suing an airline in a routine personal injury suit used ChatGPT to prepare a filing, but the artificial intelligence bot delivered fake cases that the attorney then presented to the court. Big mistake. So one area where AI will always need a human hand to retouch is fact checking. AI systems churn content based on the data that it’s been fed. What it invents isn’t always true.   

What we have to remember about AI platforms like Chat GPT, Google’s Bard, Yoast and Semrush is that they are just tools. They might flag ways to make the copywriter’s job easier but they could never dictate strategy because their advice can be wrong – it’s all based on data they get – no matter how authoritative they may sound. Only a human being, a copywriter, can make those calls.

The copywriter can work with AI in 6 ways:
  1. Brainstorm ideas when they’re feeling stuck.
  2. Save time as AI can automate numerous tasks and provide valuable insights without much effort on the copywriter’s part.
  3. Use it for email marketing as AI is more efficient, can personalise more effectively and adjust the send time to better align with customer behaviour, recommend a different subject line that is likely to get a higher open rate and segment the audience to increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  4. Use it for research. One of the significant advantages of using AI tools in research is the speed with which they can analyze data. AI’s algorithms perform complex calculations in a matter of seconds or minutes. These tasks would have taken copywriters weeks or months.  Another benefit of using AI tools is the ability to identify patterns and connections in data that may not be immediately apparent to human researchers.
  5. Use it for Instagram with the Instagram Caption generator.
  6. SEO Optimisation: Mainstream AI SEO platforms can help copywriters automate structured data, internal linking, and other on-page-related factors.

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