So Malcolm Turnbull today put in a publically ostentatious display today of looking after the needy by joining 1000 of Sydney’s lonely and homeless at the Wayside chapel on Christmas Day.

This is so heart warming. Coming after his government’s robo-debt scandal with Centrelink slugging Australians with demands to pay back tens of thousands of dollars they don’t owe and referring pensioners, single mothers and disabled people to debt collectors for non-existent debts.

And it’s so reassuring with the Prime Minister pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy and his government trying to reinstate zombie measures from the previous parliament including a one month wait for Newstart for young jobseekers, cuts to family payments, cutting the pension for migrant pensioners, abolishing the Pensioner Education Supplement and abolishing the Education Entry Payment.

Or the retail and hospitality workers that have had their wages cut by his government attacking their penalty rates while wages are not growing at all.

The reality is polls are showing most people believe Australia has become increasingly unfair and unequal since the election of the Liberal National Party government in 2013.

Turnbull might be dancing at the Wayside chapel but the reality is many Australians are doing it tough over Christmas.

And a lot of them won’t be impressed by some political grub using the needy for a photo op.