So President Donald Trump has tweeted that he will declassify the long-awaited files into the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963.

Of course its bullshit. Trump is trying to make out that it’s his decision when the long-secret files are scheduled to be released by the National Archives next week as the 25-year deadline set by Congress expires.

The Trump White House has told Politico that it’s all about transparency.

This is coming from a politician who said the father of his opponent Ted Cruz was connected to the man who killed JFK.

Of course, releasing these files might well discredit the FBI and CIA.

As the Washington Post explains, the 3,100 new files are potentially some of the most intriguing because many of them concern Oswald’s six-day trip to Mexico City in September 1963, about two months before the November 22 assassination. Oswald himself was shot to death by nightclub owner Jack Ruby on Nov. 24. Some of the papers might show the extent to which the CIA, which had been monitoring Oswald’s movements in Mexico, knew the magnitude of Oswald’s overtures to the Cubans and Soviets. The CIA and FBI has Oswald under aggressive surveillance. Didn’t the FBI and CIA have plenty of evidence that he was a threat before the assassination? They knew about the danger of Oswald, but didn’t alert Washington.

This is occurring at a time when the Senate Intelligence Committee and former FBI chief Robert Mueller are investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election

So Trump would want to discredit Mueller.

And it’s all a distraction when Trump is under pressure to release details of the US soldiers’ deaths in Niger

So the Kennedy files are a big distraction.

If Trump was serious about transparency, he would release his tax returns.