Donald Trump always said the US taxpayer was not going to pay for the wall separating Mexico from the US. He always said Mexico was not going to pay for it.

And Mexico has refused. Trump wants it so bad? He can pay for it.

So what’s Trump’s solution? A 20 per cent tax on imports from Mexico. It would raise $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall, says Trump.

But what about the impact on taxpayers, US consumers?

They’ll be paying more for tomatoes and avocadoes.

As CNN points out, Mexico grew $21 billion of agricultural products shipped and eaten in the US in 2015, making it the country’s second largest supplier. Among the most popular are avocados, tomatoes and berries. The US brings in $4.8 billion of fresh vegetables, as well as $1.7 billion in snack foods and $1.4 billion in processed fruit and vegetables every year.

Americans can expect a big increase in their food bills to pay for Trump’s wall.

And then there’s that Mexican beer that Americans love so much. Corona. Not to mention tequila. They’ll be paying more for that.

And they’ll be paying more for

They’ll also spending more on computers and electronic equipment, from monitors to telephones to insulated wires to electric generators. These are among the top 30 products brought in from Mexico, according to the UN database.

US taxpayers are going to get angry. Come to think of it, that women’s march might have been just the start.