Podcasts are a great way to talk to clients.

They are direct and easier to access than blogs or flyers. But a lot of businesses don’t do it. They say they don’t have the time or the technical expertise.

Here are 7 ways they can do it:

1. Get great cover art.

Every podcast needs a cover or logo. You can get some great ones from 99 designs.

2. Focus on your target audience.

A target audience for your podcast is critical.   First and foremost your podcast is not for everyone. But your podcast audience are your clients, and you have to produce content that fits their needs. A narrow audience that loves your podcast deeply is valuable because it builds customer loyalty.

3. Invite unique experts on to your show.

It’s a good idea to invite special guests on to your show. These are the experts with specific knowledge of your company and the areas you are covering. Special guests also have great stories to tell.

4. Make your audio perfect.

The reality is people won’t engage with your podcast if the sound quality is poor. You need to edit it so use Adobe Audition.

5. Put your podcast on social media.

To get more traffic and attract more clients, announce every podcast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

6. Put the podcast on to YouTube.

Getting your podcast on to YouTube will give you a bigger audience. To turn the Mp3 into an MP4,   use OpenShot Video Editor.

7. Transcribe your episodes

With SEO, you should transcribe your episodes and put these on your website. The transcription makes it easy for Google to find all those important keywords that you say during your episode.

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