Everyone has a website and many have social media posts.

They want to have the right words so I can help them do that.

With website copy, or social media posts, I have always done it it straight down or I tweak what the client has already written.

But I have seven key rules:

1. Identify the client’s audience. 

Create buyer personas and personalise the content to speak to exactly the right people in just the manner they want to see it.

2 Make it scannable

Digital readers don’t read every word. They scan the page and take information they feel is relevant. So put the most important key words at the front of sentences. Use bullet points and numbers. Use bold font or italics to make key points,

3 Keep it short.

When you are writing for the web, keep it short and sweet. And remember: one idea per paragraph.

4. Keep it conversational.

When you write for people as if you are talking to them over a cup of coffee, you are more likely to engage them. An authentic tone of voice will humanise the brand

5. Create clear concise and enticing headlines.

Attention-grabbing headlines draw in your client audience. Good headlines motivate them to read your message.

6. Use verbs and calls to action. Never adjectives or adverbs.

The road to hell is paved with adverbs.

7. Use hyperlinks.

Use internal links to other pages on the website, but other content (such as blogs, e-books, infographics, etc.). External links can be beneficial for helping educate users.

If you need a copywriter for your website, email me at leon@leongettler.com or phone at 0411 745 193