Whether you’re a start-up or a large company, having a company profile is essential.

A company profile helps the company with its marketing.

I’ve met a lot of owners who don’t do it. They say it’s too much to get their head around when they’re busy running a business.

I have been writing profiles for companies for years using seven steps:

1. Tell a story

The profile is there to tell the market a story about the company. It’s not just dates and figures. To have the readers on board, I create a story about the company.  I look at how the company started and what it does. I make sure to point out what makes it stand out from its competitors.

2. Outline the mission statement

Mission statements are part of that story. I make sure the mission statement differentiates it from competing organizations. It is one of the most defined ways that allows me express the company’s identity and brand.  I create a mission statement that tells readers what the company offers and how it plans to grow as a business, essentially telling readers why they should choose this company over a competitor.

3. Write the company history in chronological order.

I always found writing a company history is important because it’s a narrative recreation of the events that shaped the organization’s values and characteristics. When I do a company history, I look at everything from its foundation to the current state of the organization. I make sure the company history includes key events and milestones throughout its existence. I never get bogged down by details. Instead, I list key achievements to show how the company got to where it is today and how it created its brand.

4. List all the goods and services.

It’s important to tell the public what the company offers. It’s a business description. I make sure there is a section on goods and services in the company profile. .  That’s along with the company’s address and phone number.

5. Include the website and social media pages

This is important because people want to know all about the company. Most companies find it necessary to have both social media profile and a great functional website to create an effective brand. I find that providing a website and social media pages is a sure to build a company’s online presence.

6. Use multimedia

Using multi-media helps spread word about the company and because it has SEO qualities, it goes viral and builds traffic.

Instead of having long stretches of texts, I post a video or audio podcast that gives more perspectives on the company.’

7. Include a call to action

A call to action is essential. I put something along the lines of ‘To find out more, visit our website’ or ‘For further information, contact us’. Essentially, I am leaving the reader with some food for thought and a way for them to find the answers to their questions.

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