The Boston Globe reports that Clinton will consider putting another woman on the ticket.

For sure, there are Democrats who think Hillary Clinton is creating a dream team if she picks Elisabeth Warren as her running mate. They say it would generate energy and attract women, young liberals and older white liberals. She’s also beloved by Democrats on the left, who will need to be appeased after Bernie Sanders exits the race.

And Elisabeth Warren hasn’t exactly ruled it out if she were offered the job.

But as Paul Waldman in the Washington Post points out, it’s not going to happen for a very good reason.

For a start, there’s not much chemistry between them which is a key part of an effective working relationship between the president and vice president. Think of Obama and Joe Biden.

Secondly, there’s a risk creating an all-female ticket. Clinton may well need all the votes she can get running against Trump and she’s a risk-averse politician.

Finally, and most importantly, the governor of Massachusetts is a Republican, Charlie Baker and if Warren stepped down to become vice president, Baker would appoint a temporary successor for her Senate seat and that would be a Republican. The Democrats can’t afford that.

I suspect it won’t happen for another good reason. Assuming Democrats will take back control of the Senate in November, Warren would become one of the most powerful people in the country by next year. She would have a big hand in shaping the legislation of a Clinton government. She’d be even more important in a Trump presidency.

And it would position her well to run in 2020.