Your annual report is a bold statement.

It shows who you are, what you do, and how you are succeeding. The stronger your annual report, the more you can increase your visibility and connect with shareholders, employees and the public.

Your annual report is a bold statement.

I hear a number of complaints. One is that annual reports are time-consuming, tedious to compile and they can be comparatively costly to design, print and mail out. 

The big headache for businesses every year is gathering information from various resources and team members. It’s hard to identify areas that are the most important to your readers and stakeholders. Annual reports can involve navigating complex internal politics. Who is the right person to talk to?

I have been told by one chief operating officer that an annual report takes three months to prepare and they have to talk to 10 to 20 people. Doing an annual report is like any big project management job.

One CEO told me that the planning that goes into it is the difference between timely management and heart burn. CEOs need good time management to do their annual reports.  

I can fix that as a copywriter specialising in annual reports. I work with all the people, I do all the writing, I edit the copy, I make sure the company’s story is being told, and I handle all the time management. I make sure the company is getting bang for the buck.

Basically, the annual report is telling a story and I make sure it does that.

I can do annual reports in 5 ways.

First, companies want their annual report to have all the key details. I make sure their annual report will have the following:

  • Company details: This is the company’s name, its registered address. I also give a short description of the business, and provide names, positions, and contact addresses of principal figures (the CEO, managers, directors, etc.).
  • Letter from the CEO or managing director: This letter should introduce the CEO or managing director so I write it in an upbeat, conversational style. I make sure to write it for them in their voice, summarizing the year’s successes and challenges and outlining the financial details that will follow in the report.
  •  Industry overview: This part of the report gives a general description of the industry and the company’s place in it.
  •  Financial statements and analysis: This section contains audited accounting records that summarize the company’s performance and stability. This always includes the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow report.

CEOs and managing directors need a report setting out the key directions for their company. I always provide a report that focuses on strategy, financials, employees, client/customer perspectives and governance.


CEOs and managing directors need a report that interprets the data. I always provide reports that have charts, graphs or timelines that make their raw information easier to comprehend.


They want a report with headings and graphics, something that’s easy to understand. I provide reports with short sections of text with headings which make it easy for readers to skim through and pick out specific information. I also insert photos of staff, premises, and products. I make sure to use colourful graphs and tables I also make sure there is enough white space to make reading easier.


Finally they want something to be proofread. I make sure their report is proofread completely. The only way to proof any copy is to read it out aloud, checking it for grammar, jargon, number of words, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. Even the sound and rhythm of words is important. Reading it aloud helps fix issues to ensure the piece fits the client’s needs and personality.

I need to hear from any company doing their annual reports now. I can do it for them. Contact me to save time and reduce complexity starting today.

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