Email Marketing is so important for Small Business.

Email Marketing is better for small business than for corporations because it allows small business to build trust with local customers by being transparent, honest and open as possible.

But some businesses don’t want to do it. They say it’s too hard. They don’t have the resources to do it. They says it’s a challenge to regularly produce original, interesting & entertaining content.

I do email marketing for a client using five simple steps:

1. Get the name and subject line right.

The subject line and the name are important. I make sure subscribers recognize that the email is from my client’s company. It needs to come with a compelling subject line for maximum engagement.

2. Personalise the email

People are more likely to trust and relate to an email when comes from another person.  It needs to be personalized. I use my client’s name in the “from” field. I use a face instead of a logo and add the client’s company  in the text.

3. Get personal In the language

As I am doing email marketing, I make the email conversational and personal. Customers are 29% more likely to open an email when it is personalized.  I am writing for hundreds, or thousands, but I pretend I am writing the email for one person. I use “you” a lot. I pretend I am talking directly, to one friend or one customer, and let them know about the exciting stuff that my client is offering them to solve their specific problems. Email is personal and private so the email has to be personal.

4. Make it about what the product can do for them

I talk about benefits instead of features. My emails identify what the subscriber’s problems are and how my client’s good and services can help them. This centres the email around the client’s subscribers. It looks at their issues

5. Keep things short and concise.

Instead of writing several hundred words in the copy, I make sure to keep things concise. This makes sense People spend too much time on emails. According to one estimate, 28% of the work day is spent reading and answering emails. I get right to the point. I let subscribers know what’s up, how I am ready to help, and what I want them to do. I also break up my copy with lots of white space and use bulleted lists, short sentences, and questions as needed to get my point across.

So there you have it. Five ways I do email marketing.

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