One of the big challenges for business in 2002 is creating a blogging strategy. That’s where I as a copywriter can help you.

Here are five tips to help you.

  1. Get a niche  – this is important because the WWW has more than 600 million blogs.  It means there’s a lot of competition. But there’s a way to stand out. I will get you to focus on a hyper-specific topic in your industry that’s affecting your business. I will make you the go-to expert on the topic. After a while, when you attract heaps of traffic, we can branch out.
  2. Focus on topics people are searching for  – This is something we’ll have to look at to build your traffic. We will use the keyword research tool to do that.
  3. Set goals: We can’t be vague. We can’t say things like I want to generate web traffic. We need to have blogging goal strategies We need to work out how much you want to increase traffic by and how many blogs you intend to post each week.
  4. Have a killer about me page – A good about me page is essential. Readers want to know who is behind the terrific content so they can relate to you and keep coming back. I can help you do that. It’s easy.
  5. Writing – This is really important. We have to make your posts informative, educational and laugh out loud funny. I can do that for you.

Let me work with you. You can contact me at or on 0411 745 193