High quality writing should sell the client’s products and services and deliver useful information for customers that they can’t get anywhere else and have them contacting the client. - ENHANCING YOUR ONLINE BRAND COPY FOR A CLIENT’S WEBSITE IS IMPORTANT
High quality writing should sell the client’s products and services and deliver useful information for customers that they can’t get anywhere else and have them contacting the client.

The copywriter ensures the page layout  is easy to read. It’s never fun for any reader to come upon a webpage that is one giant block of text.  The copywriter plays with spacing and includes bullet points to break up the text. The copywriter creates paragraphs that are organized in a logical way with a beginning, middle, and end. There should be clear headings and subheadings and smooth transitions between sections. The copywriter makes sure to include images and graphics in the text. Not only can that make the page easier on the eye. These visuals can also add an emotional layer to the text.

With each section, with it is important to use H1, H2 and H3 tags for SEO purposes. The h1 to h3 tags are used to define HTML headings. These headings are important for SEO because they help Google understand the content so that it can rank the page accordingly. In the same way an h1 heading outlines page content at a high level, h2 and h3 tags tell users what each subsection is about. Starting with a strong page title and following up with well-crafted heading tags is sure to please the audience. The h1 tag should flow down into the h2 the same way the h2 should flow into h3, and so on. How well users interact with the page will have a direct impact on how well it ranks.

 The website should also be using the “voice of the customer” to identity the customer’s issues and pain points, setting out how the client’s products and services can help them. The customer’s voice should describe the customers’ experiences with and expectations for the products or services in their own language. Identifying common pain points should be among the first things to look for in the customer research data. This likely includes the frustrations that are common in the industry; think labyrinthine automated customer service helplines, hidden fees or opaque pricing structures, lack of competition, not meeting customer needs, that kind of stuff.  Following on from this, the copywriter needs to identify the things customers want in a company or service provider like the client, such as responsive customer assistance from an actual person, or a simple, easily understood pricing structure, and a product or service that solves the customer’s problem.  

The copy writer should also include testimonials from happy customers. The testimonial is a powerful way to give potential clients a boost of confidence when they’re considering buying a product or service.  Why is the case? Consider this. First, is searching for the item and they find a few options to consider. They dive deeper on the details of each item and then they focus on reading reviews and testimonials (or at least viewing the star-ratings that have become popular with most online sellers).  All things equal, they’ll pick the product with the better reviews.

The website will also need a great call to action motivating visitors into deeper engagement with the  brand. Certain CTAs can to convert visitors into leads. For example, you could place a CTA on a landing page that encourages visitors to leave details such as their name, phone number, and email, the client gets information that they can use to build relationships with visitors and nurture leads.

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