As the demand for digital content grows, so does the need for efficient and effective ways to produce high-quality text at scale.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly changing how copywriters like me can write and edit content.

A lot of firms don’t really understand it so they come me to as their copywriter. I’m the specialist who knows how to use it. AI helps me as a copywriter create more engaging experiences faster than ever before. - LaEDUCATE AND EMPOWER: LEVERAGING AI TO BOOST YOUR COMPANY’S PRODUCTIVITY
Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly changing how copywriters like me can write and edit content.

Let me show you how I understand its benefits. Let me explore specific use cases to help you maximize this powerful technology using me as your copywriter.

The first thing is to explore the different types of AI I can use. They are AI platforms like Chat GPT, Google’s Bard, Yoast and Semrush.


Generative AI,, and GPT3, can automatically generate creative, eye-catching headlines. This helps copywriters attract readers to their content quickly and effectively. I simply type in what the business is about and I get a headline.

Key words:

I use a number of AI tools. These tools help me identify low competition keywords, find monthly search volume, and see the ranking difficulty. I can use it to get the right key words for blogs and websites to maximise SEO. Many marketers and business owners struggle to come up with a list of relevant keywords that accurately represent their products or services. This is where I as a copywriter using all sorts of AI keyword generators can help business owners and their marketing teams.

SEO Optimisation:

I also use AI for SEO optimisation. AI tools can do all the keyword research, content creation and optimization, link building, and other SEO and content-related tasks. These tools enable me as your copywriter to save time and effort while delivering more accurate results. These tools can also be used for content creation and optimization. They help create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content. AI algorithms can also analyze massive amounts of data, such as search engine results, social media trends, and user behavior patterns. They can  help determine which topics, keywords, and phrases are most relevant and valuable to a specific audience. AI tools also analyse user behavior patterns, search engine results, and social media trends to help determine the most relevant topics. They can also help me create new, original, and engaging content, allowing for greater creative freedom and variety in content.  And finally, they can target the right audience by providing personalized content recommendations based on location, search history, and other factors.


One of the significant advantages of I find using AI tools in research is the speed with which they can analyze data for me. These AI algorithms can perform complex calculations in a matter of seconds or minutes. We know that tasks like that that would have taken a team of researcher’s weeks or months. With AI, I can analyze large datasets and extract meaningful insights in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. Another benefit of me using these AI tools is their ability to identify patterns and connections in data that may not be immediately apparent to human researchers. This can help me, as your copywriter, make new discoveries, develop new hypotheses, and identify potential research areas that may have been overlooked. AI tools can also help me as your copywriter make more accurate predictions based on the data. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to identify patterns and trends, making predictions for me about future events or outcomes with a high degree of accuracy.

Save time and money:

AI can save me and my clients time and money. Let’s face it: time costs money. Alas, small businesses usually don’t have the resources to boost efforts by spending all that money hiring heaps of people to do the marketing. I use tools to help small companies by automating numerous tasks, providing valuable insights and reaching out to clients at the right time without requiring much effort. The AI tools automate numerous tasks and provide valuable insights easily on my part as your copywriter.

Brainstorm ideas:

When I am feeling stuck I can use AI to brainstorm ideas. These tools help me brainstorm creative solutions and ideas based on a given problem or text description.  Tools like GPT-4 and ChatGPT are designed to spark inspiration and assist me in overcoming creative blocks. AI helps me find inspiration for my next blog post, article, or creative writing project. It can help with product development by brainstorming new features or enhancements for my client’s product or service and it helps with design thinking by exploring new and unique approaches to solving design challenges or improving user experiences. In fact, it creates group brainstorming sessions by providing me with a list of AI-generated ideas to kickstart discussions. 

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