Once your writing is out in the world, you will hear from people you don’t know and never would have reached.

Your books and articles will be a great source of material for your online presence in social media, podcasts, panels and webinars. Writing quality content is effective marketing. - CREATING A THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
Once your writing is out in the world, you will hear from people you don’t know and never would have reached.

But of course, doing all that is extremely time consuming. For anyone running a business, the most obvious thing to do is to find a great ghost writer. You will want someone who can pick up your voice, tone, sentence structure and wording. They need to write in a way that sounds like you.

I have been a ghost writer for clients producing books, chapters in books and articles.

Ghost writing is about collaboration.  You have to like each other and the ghost writer needs to understand their client’s goals. The ghost writer needs to be the partner who can lead their client with strong, clear communication, and help them think well and express themselves effectively. The ghost writer should always talk to the client, sometimes meeting them on Zoom or face to face.  

The key is to capture the client’s voice. That means writing something that everyone knows their client would have written. It’s important to get the personality of the client’s brand and the tone of voice for the copy writing piece. This is important because the personality of a brand gives people (potential customers) something to relate to. It turns the client’s business into a point of connection. The tone of voice in the ghost writer’s marketing and business communication is the brand personality in action. It’s not the ghost writer speaking. It’s the client’s voice. The best way for the ghost writer to get the client’s voice is always talk to them and edit their copy.

When the ghost is editing their client’s copy, they need to  tighten the language. That means getting rid of excess adjectives, superlatives, metaphors and waffle. Good copywriting doesn’t use a single unnecessary word. That’s tight copywriting.The ghost writer should look for phrases, jargon and other language that can be simplified. Long paragraphs encourage readers to skip right over them. So paragraphs must be short and to the point. They’ll be easier on the eye and so much easier to read. 

Of course, the ghost writer makes sure the spelling, grammar and punctuation are spot on. Some readers are much more likely to notice a spelling mistake than a grammatical error, or misplaced comma. Some people have their own ideas and opinions on punctuation rules, others depend on a spellcheck to do the hard work for them.  The ghost writer sticks to the rules and understands the importance of grammar, spelling and punctuation in helping readers make sense.

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