Writing a business report is a key skill for anyone in business and it’s essential for copywriters. Business reports need to be clear, to the point and they have to be well presented.

Here are five tips every copywriter should use

  1. Keep the tone neutral. Since the reader is probably higher up, the tone needs to be neutral. Use passive voice to keep the tone formal and impersonal. So instead of writing: Management needs to make these changes to the company’s operations write: Changes in the company‘s opera     tions need to be made. Also, use compound nouns. Instead of procedures for dealing with complaints, it’s complaints procedure
  2. .Present it well. The business report has to look good and be well-presented making it easier to read. This means it needs a standard top section listing who the report is for, who it’s from, the date and subject, Use sub-headings and bullet points.
  3. Use business vocabulary and grammar. This is essential for reaching the reader. The Oxford Royale Academy is always a good guide for business vocabulary and language. https://www.oxford-royale.com/articles/business-english-vocabulary/
  4. Check your spelling: This is essential. Spellcheck is good but it can only go so far. There are good sites for checking spelling. https://www.jspell.com/checker/
  5. Proof the copy: Proofread the report several times to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Read it out aloud to make sure it sounds right. Check for words that don’t fit in. The report has to be perfect and polished

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