Everyone needs a podcast strategy.

I can help you build one as your copy writer with the following 7 strategies:

1. Planning  

This is important. We need to talk about and write down what the plan is for the podcast, how to put it together. This is the most overlooked stage. It takes a lot of thought. My note book is ready.

2. Choose a topic

Again this is critical. You need something to make you stand out. According to the latest stats, there were 850,000 active podcasts with over 48 million total episodes in 2021. That’s a lot of competition so we need to create a podcast that makes you distinctive, that highlights yourself and your business.

3. Choose a name

We will have to name your podcast and choose one that really sums up what you’re about. Better still, make it descriptive and funny. You’ll find a variety of names if you look at the Top Apple Podcast charts. We will also have to purchase a domain name.

4. Length of podcast

There are all sorts of views about how long your podcast should run for. Some podcasts run for an hour, others for five minutes. There are no clear rules. The key is for us to find whatever works for you and run with it. One thing: we should to avoid is making it longer than it needs to be because you went off-topic for 15 minutes. The important part about podcasts is not to make them too long. People have a limited attention span.

5. Create cover art

Every podcast needs a cover so we need to invest in creating one. The cover art is important because it’s the first thing people see when they browse through Apple podcast or whatever podcast app they use. 99 designs gives you great ideas for how to design a podcast cover. I got a graphic designed to design mine.

6.    Choose a good mike

We need to choose a good mike. The best I find are the Behringer mikes.  Those are the ones we’ll use.

7.    Get good editing software

The software I will use to edit your podcast is Adobe Audition

If you want a podcast, contact me at leon@leongettler.com or phone me at 0411 745 193.