Businesses now are using podcasts for sharing information about new products and company news.

Some might publish them for general information related to the industry. Many have Incorporating podcasts into their marketing plans.

As I point out in my blog last year, podcasts are very much the future of media.

What makes podcasts so special for marketing? First, there’s low competition.

While there are around 80 million Facebook business pages, there’s only 700,000  podcasts airing. This number shrinks when you search by topics.

There may be only a handful of other podcasts discussing the topics relevant to your business, with hundreds-to-thousands of listeners.

Secondly, podcasts require little effort to engage with, on the listener’s behalf.

Unlike blogs, which have to be read, or videos that require audiences to watch, all a podcast listener has to do is hit play and listen. It’s the perfect for multi-tasking.

And finally, they’re mobile friendly.

Businesses using podcasts include Telstra with the Vantage series which discusses the latest in business and tech innovation,    telling stories of those who have launches start-ups or founded new technological ventures, and Westpac which has worked with Mammia on the pregnancy-focused podcast Hello Bump.

A client needed a podcast done looking at all the key issues. It involved talking to a lot of people and bringing it all together.

 I did that for them in using seven steps.

  1. Planning 

We talked about and wrote down what the plan was for the podcast, the message we were trying together.

2. Choose a topic

We needed to find a common theme and topic. This was important. According to the latest stats, there were 850,000 active podcasts with over 48 million total episodes in 2021.That’s a lot of competition so we needed to create a podcast that highlighted my client’s business.

  1. Choose a name

We named the podcast and chose a name that really summed up what the client was about. You’ll find a variety of names if you look at the Top Apple Podcast charts. We purchased a domain name.

  1. Length of podcast

There are all sorts of views about how long your podcast should run for . Some podcasts run for an hour, others for five minutes. There are no clear rules. The key is for us was to find whatever worked for us.  We avoided making it longer than it needed to be  People have a limited attention span.

  1. .Create cover art

Every podcast needs a cover so we need to invest in creating one. 99 designs gave us great ideas for how to design a podcast cover.

  1. Choose a good mike

We needed to choose a good mike. We used the Behringer mikes

7. Get good editing software

The software we used to edit our podcast is Adobe Audition

It’s professional sounding. It sounded like it was recorded in a studio.

After I finished editing the MP3, I put it on Soundcloud to turn it into a link so that my client could put it on their website and email it to their customers.

If you want a podcast, contact me at or phone me at 0411 745 193.