A blog can significantly increase an Australian mortgage broker’s business by providing valuable content and demonstrating expertise for first home buyers.

The blog from a copywriter can establish the mortgage broker as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent for anyone looking to get into the market.

How is the blog good for mortgage brokers?

1. Client education: The mortgage broker’s blog has clear and helpful information about the mortgage process, different types of loans, interest rates and other topics that will help clients feel informed before they make the most important decision of their life.

Getting a home loan can be very confusing, especially if it is their first time. Whilst the process does vary from lender to lender, the framework is always the same for owner-occupied purchases, investment purchases or refinancing.


2. Lead generation: The blogs I provide will include calls to action, encouraging readers to contact the broker for personalised advice and service.

This can turn readers into leads. Without a CTA, potential leads and customers may struggle to find the correct path to buy a product or sign up for the mortgage broker’s service.


3. Concessions: The blog will point to a solution for the first home buyer: the Federal Government’s Home Guarantee Scheme  The mortgage broker will help them get into it. Leave the paperwork to them. Here’s what make it attractive: instead of paying a 20% deposit, eligible home buyers can buy a home sooner under this scheme, with a deposit as little as 5% under the First Home Guarantee (FHBG).  

Similarly, regional home buyers can buy a home sooner with a deposit of 5% under the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee (RFHBG). Eligible single parents and eligible single legal guardians of at least one dependent can buy a home sooner, with a deposit of just 2% under the Family Home Guarantee (FHG). These deposits can also be sourced as a gift for homebuyers if they’re finding it difficult to save for a deposit.  

4. Community engagement: The blog can be a platform for the mortgage broker to engage with the local community. It will highlight local real estate trends and provide insights specific to the broker’s market.

It’s important that the blog highlights mortgage trends, real estate insights, or even community events. My blogs will also sprinkle in some local flavor, like mentioning popular neighborhood hangouts.


5. Testimonials: Sharing client success stories and testimonials on the blog can provide readers with social proof that others had positive experience with the mortgage broker.  These can range from small, simple testimonials shared on social media, to fully fledged, highly detailed case studies. All this provides social proof which might make a dramatic difference to the mortgage broker’s business.

Given the rising cost of real estate, and the high demand, the sooner homebuyers can purchase the better. No-one wants to miss out. This is why the copywriter’s blog is good for mortgage brokers.


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