British Prime Minister Theresa May says today’s terrible attacks in London are a “potential act of terrorism“.

She said: “Following updates from police and security officials, I can confirm that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism.

She will chair a meeting of the government’s emergency response committee on Sunday.

Armed police were called to reports a van had hit people on London Bridge. More than one person has died.The Met Police officers also went to nearby Borough Market, responding to reports of stabbings in the area known for its night life.

Coming just weeks after the suicide bomber killed 22 in Manchester at a rock concert and left 120 injured, the attacks could well have an impact on voters.

Little is known about who is responsible and their motives. At this stage, there’s little more than speculative reports based on unconfirmed witness accounts. So far, there have been no official or confirmed links suggesting this was a terrorist attack

But you can bet the Islamists will claim responsibility to boost their hegemony. There have been lots of calls on social media for people to unite against hate.

This might well change the election result on June 8. It could turn the poll into a national security election.

It comes at a time when May’s personal approval ratings is plummeting and the latest YouGov poll showing the Conservatives will fall 18 seats short of a majority.

The big question now is whether the London attacks will change that. Watch this space.