Headlines and headings are a great way to get attention to your website, blog or newsletter.

They are also solid ways to improve your SEO.

Headlines are also a solid way to improve your SEO.

They are signposts to help users and search engines read and understand text and make it easier for them to figure out what a post or page is about. Different headlines and headings also define which parts of your content are important, and show how they’re interconnected.

A killer headline or heading makes the text easier to read. It’s a promise to readers about what to expect. That is good for anyone reading it and makes it better for SEO.

Research studies show great headlines generate more social shares and engagement:
  1. Headline questions generate greater engagement. Question headlines (titles that end with a “?”) get 23.3% more social shares than headlines that don’t end with a question mark.
  2. Using numbers are effective too because they automatically organise the information into a logical order. One way to get a kickstart with SEO is to use a number in your title. A headline that says “7 Ways to be a better cook;” generates 12-25% more traffic than saying “How to be a cook”.
  3. A great headline has to call for attention using techniques like surprise, curiosity and questions
  4. A good headline should also be specific and easy to understand.
  5. Command headlines that boldly tells prospects what they needs to do. Think of Exxon’s old Put a Tiger in Your Tank campaign.
  6. Headlines should also be kept to six words as we tend to absorb only the first three words and the last three words of a headline. 
  7. Effective headlines use words to set off lists like reasons, ways, tips, tricks, secrets, ideas, techniques, strategies, facts, methods and statistics.

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