It’s not that they can’t write it themselves. Financial services firms tell me they have to do so much work on compliance that they don’t have time to market themselves and communicate with clients on their data base, and to communicate with prospective clients.

I do that for them by producing newsletters, blogs and podcasts that they can send to their clients.


1. Watch out for compliance.

A lot of the financial services companies now have to do compliance. Managing compliance now takes up a lot of time because it’s important.   There have been so many compliance failures that have attracted significant fines, along with reputational damage for businesses. Compliance problems have included failure to correctly treat customers (including charging deceased persons, double charging for products, and not applying package discounts), failure to meet anti-money laundering obligations, and privacy breaches. In a number of instances, the organisations in question admitted to shortcomings in their processes, systems, and monitoring to avoid or provide early detection of those breaches. Financial services are now focused on compliance since the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry was handed down in 2019. Which means they have been flat chat with compliance for the last three years.

2. Need to reach customers

This creates a problem for financial services firms because their customers expect clear and consistent communications and they need to know that any question they have about their finances will be answered quickly and accurately. Financial services firms need communication strategies that will see every one of the firm’s employees following a clear communication plan with robust security and which can be communicated on an omni channel process, whether it’s by email, or by mailing out the information or even with podcasts.

3. My experience

Basically financial services firms can talk to me because I have experience as a business finance and economics journalist. There are several reasons why this is good. I know how to do research, I can take criticism and have clients ripping my draft to shreds, I know how to tell a story and I know how to tell the truth. Also, as a business and finance journalist, I’m a copywriter who can read a balance sheet and a a P&L and I understand compliance because I’ve written a book about it.

So if the financial services firm is so flat out with compliance issues, they can come to me and I can help them communicate with their customers.

4. Newsletters

One way I can do this is through newsletters. Good newsletters offer advice and expertise, they’re regular, and they can be sent out on variety of platforms like MailChimp.

5. Blogs

Another way I do this clients is with blogs. All the blogs I do for clients use SEO techniques. I use important key words, lots of links, a meta description and pictures. Using SEO techniques increases the blog’s visibility in organic search. That allows my clients to reach prospective clients who are trawling the web.

6. Podcasts

I also offer my clients podcasts. Podcasts have several advantages.  Podcasts add an air of authority to the information that is often lacking in the written word. They give the audience a stronger connection than what they would get by simply reading the information on a web page. They are easy to produce with just a computer and a microphone and regular podcasts help develop the firm’s brand to make it a household name.

7. An omnichannel approach.

When I use an omnichannel approach I am messaging with clients and potential customers across all available communication channels. This strategy is essential. Many consumers would use multiple channels to engage a business when making a single purchasing decision.

If you are a financial services needing to communicate with your clients, while sticking to the job of compliance, come to me. You can reach me at 0411 745 193 or at


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