Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in digital marketing and copywriting in so many different ways.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in digital marketing and copywriting in so many different ways.

One is the capacity for AI to give wrong information and make mistakes. Google and Microsoft’s search engine chat bots published false information as truth, become confused, and in some cases allegedly acted erratically.  Open AI’s release of ChatGPT-4 has been found to more likely to spread false information than before.

Another risk is the AI platform producing bland, cringe-worthy language, so banal and filled with clichés that it borders on the uncomfortable.  A copywriter instead can produce an original piece of writing entailing new combinations of words and ideas that are not statistically common.

So the copywriter does have a role. AI needs human vetting. 

That said, there are 6 ways you can and should use AI for digital marketing and copywriting:

  1. Brainstorm ideas when you’re feeling stuck. 
  2. Save time with AI as it can automate numerous tasks and provide valuable insights without much effort on your part.
  3. Use it for Intagram with the Instagram Caption Generator.
  4. Use it for email marketing as AI is more efficient, can personalise more effectively and adjust the send time to better align with customer behaviour, recommend a different subject line that is likely to get a higher open rate and segment the audience to increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  5. Use it for research. One of the significant advantages of using AI tools in research is the speed with which they can analyze data. AI’s algorithms perform complex calculations in a matter of seconds or minutes. These tasks would have taken copywriters weeks or months.  Another benefit of using AI tools is the ability to identify patterns and connections in data that may not be immediately apparent to human researchers.
  6. SEO Optimisation: AI-powered tools can analyze and optimize content for search engine rankings.  This will ensure you are creating content that is optimized for the keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for.  

So here are my ways of using AI in writing copy. If you need help for your company, contract me at 0411 745 193 or at

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