When you are writing anything, it’s important to use your voice or the client’s voice.

People want something that’s authentic and real, something that captures the client’s brand

Here are seven ways to do it:

1. Talk to the client

It’s important to get to know the client so you could pick up exactly how they would put things. You will find having one to one conversations with the client will always work. Ask them questions.

  • How do they describe themselves?
  • Who are their ideal customers?
  • What stories do they tell about themselves and their business?

Listen to them carefully. What words or phrases do they consistently use in person? What words or phrases do they never use?

2. Read their website and marketing material.

Websites and marketing material give great insights into personalities of the people running the company. What tone of voice do they use? Does the business come across as conservative? Or is it edgy and creative? What reading level is the copy? Do they tell stories? How do they regard customers? How do they see their employees? Is the social media message consistent with the company’s tone.

3. Follow their social media accounts

There is nothing more important for creating a company’s voice than social media. How do they portray themselves? How do they respond to criticism?

4. Read your client’s written materials.

Your client’s written material captures their language. Studies have shown that personality traits can be captured in written material. Are there descriptive phrases? Does the writing have humour? What attitudes are captured in the writing?  

5. Check the style guide.

Some companies will have a style guide for their written communications. It’s important to read it.

6. Draft for client

Once you have studied the client, write a draft and give it to the client. You should then ask the client to make changes.

7. Voice and relationships

Getting the right voice is all about building stronger client relationships.

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