Some entrepreneurs who want to write a blog, a report or presentation come down with writers’ block.

They say they don’t have the time or energy.  But they are more likely to avoid writing day to day because they feel uninspired and can’t come up with ideas.

It’s not an uncommon problem for business people.

You can tackle it in five ways:

1. Give yourself permission to write badly

Just bang it out. Don’t over-analyse it, just get the words down. You can always edit it later, the next day if you like, when you are feeling better with some coffees in you. If you’re writing professionally, you don’t have the luxury to get it perfect. Writing crap is a good way to work out what you’re doing. Just think of this: for every three pieces of writing created, one will be terrible, one will be decently crafted but just so-so, and a third piece will have the potential to be fantastic.

2. Get some exercise

This is a very good way to get the brain thinking about what to write. Walk around it. Go for a long walk, hit the gym, take up Tai Chi or go for a run. Exercise is a terrific way to get some meditation in. Meditation is a good way to relax and get yourself thinking. This will help when you sit down to write.

3. Brainstorm ideas in bullet points

Essentially, brainstorming is about finding the connection between ideas and words. Focus on key words. Do they spark any associations? Synonyms? Write down the central topic or question, and then write down some ideas In bubbles next to it. Think like a journalist. The classic journalist questions are the 6 ws.  “Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?” Think about your topic, and then respond to each of these questions individually.

4. Set a daily goal

Writing goals give you a page or word count to meet each day. These can help you set reasonable expectations for your progress.

5. Join a writing group

Writers’ groups are good for connecting you with others facing the same issues. They make you accountable. You don’t have to take writing advice from anyone but the feedback can help to inspire you. Meeting with other writers, even if they’re writing something completely different, is a good way to keep you motivated.

If you’re still struggling with writers’ block, contact me. I’m a professional writer. I can be reached on 0411 745 193 or at