Your website is a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

But what happens when your website isn’t converting into qualified leads?

A lot of businesses goto agencies. Big mistake.

Your website is a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

The agency doesn’t know your industry, your customers, or what makes you unique. Your copywriter know your business and industry. It’s their job.

They will help create a great website in 5 ways:
  1. Write effectively. The copywriter maintains the brand’s voice, stays sincere and gets people to buy. The true value of good copywriting is in communication – it’s helping people understand ideas that might be complex. The copywriter uses language that makes those ideas clear for everyone. And right now, clarity is more important than ever.
  2. Problem-Agitate-Solve is the classic copywriting formula where the copywriter identifies the customer’s problem, agitates it by using language that emphasizes the negative consequences of not solving the problem, creating a sense of urgency and make the problem feel more intense and then solves it by presenting the client’s products and services that will solve that problem.
  3. Understanding the basics of SEO where the copywriter uses valuable key words, great images and top links.
  4. Use multi-media which includes video and podcasts provided by the copywriter. Podcasts are good because they allow people to listen to your content even if they don’t have time to watch the video. You can submit your podcast to iTunes and other directories so that people can easily find it and subscribe. You add the video and podcast to your website.
  5. Have a great call to action with the copywriter using a short phrase that prompts the audience to take the desired action on the website. The copywriter can use clickable texts, images, or buttons that guide the user to the next step you’d like them to take.    

If you need an experienced copywriter to improve the performance of your website, contact me at or on 0411 745 193.


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