A podcast script is essential. It is the only way to be prepared and focused as you move through the podcast episode. A script saves you editing time after you record, particularly if you have a co-host or guest. A script ensures your mind doesn’t wander or you run out of things to say. Here are five tips for scripting podcasts.

  1. Write your script for speaking

If you are going to read anything, you will sound stiff.  Write your script in your voice. Then read what you have written out loud to check if it flows in the way you speak. Your script needs to be about you so incorporate your personality into your script. And if you are interviewing someone, make sure the questions are such that you know what the answers are. You yourself could have given them when speaking.  

  • Keep it concise

The podcast is only going to go for a few minutes. Use only words and sentences that you absolutely need on your script. By ensuring that your scripts are directly to the point without unnecessary words or sentences, you have the space and time to be creative with your delivery.

  • Use your imagination

Use words that paint mental pictures and help convey your message more effectively. Use words creatively to give more context to your message. Let your imagination run free. You’ll find some creative ways to share your message effectively and get the emotional message across.

  • Always edit.

The script for the podcast is not necessarily the one that will be used. Spend time editing to get the episode to the appropriate length. Make sure you get rid of umms, and ars.

  • Include calls to action

Always include calls-to-action. Regular calls-to-action remind listenersto focus on what you’re promoting. They also boost your traffic.

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