One of the challenging things about copywriting is proofing the copy.

It has to be clean, the words have to be concise, and the spelling and grammar need be to spot on. No typos. To do that, you have to proof it.

Here are my five tips for proofing copy:

  1. Read it out aloud.
    The only way to proof any copy is to read it out aloud, checking it for grammar, jargon, wordiness, spelling mistakes, awkward style, and punctuation issues. Even the sound and rhythm of words is important. Reading it aloud helps fix issues to ensure the pieces fits the needs and personalities of the client.
  2. Edit hard copy.
    If you’re looking at your computer screen or reading off a mobile phone for too long, chances are you’ll miss common errors. 
  3. Watch for punctuation errors.
    Aside from misspelled words, special attention should be paid to misplaced commas, punctuation marks and apostrophes. Also, make sure to include endings to your parentheses and quotation marks. Have them in the right spot.
  4. Scan the first word of each paragraph.
    When you vary your word choice, you elevate your content to a more sophisticated level. If a number of your paragraphs begin with the same word, your writing won’t be as dynamic and will alienate the reader.
  5. Stop repeating information:
    proofreading is still an excellent way to find information that has already been stated.

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