Newsletters allow you to continue to build relationships with clients and remind them what you do and what you have achieved. And e-mail marketing is a cost-effective way to market your small business through newsletters. The truth is people check their emails more often than their social media.

I have one new client who wants me to do his newsletter. Here are five ways I do I for him:

1. Focus on editorial equality

An engaging editorial newsletter is critical. I will do this in several ways. I provide analysis and context summarizing what the issues are about and helping readers understand what it means for them. I also offer a broad scope, covering issues that individuals can’t manage on their one

2. Keep it simple and catchy

The simplicity of engaging newsletters is why they are so readable. I write something that people understand as soon as they open it. It also helps to use podcast and video content.

3. Include 3rd party content

Sharing original content is important. But I also know that sharing industry information from third party providers, perhaps with a couple of sentences written by me introducing the piece, can be very helpful for clients and customers to keep up with the industry. This can be in the form of articles, tweets, or links. It is also an effective way to build the newsletter subscriber list.

4. Use social media as a signal

If I have some big news or exclusive content to share in the newsletter, I will reveal a snippet of it in social media.. It helps build some buzz around it.

5. Don’t oversell.

There is nothing worse than newsletters telling people to buy buy buy. Ideally, newsletters should be 10% promotional and 90% educational. So if for example, my client was selling cars, I wouldn’t be sending out newsletters telling people about his latest cars. That might be right at the bottom. Instead, I will look at the latest kinds of cars coming on to the market, what they offer and how their technology is so different.

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