I produce copy that solves my client’s problems. The aim here is to help my client deal with the problems their customers are having with their product or service.

My job as a copywriter is them to show my how to solve those problems. I don’t fix the problems. I just give them the steps to solve the issues. My job as a copywriter is just to help them

Here are the five steps I use to solve their problem:

1. Problem-Agitate-Solution.

The first step is to adopt the Problem-Agitate-Solution Formula.  It is simple enough:

  Problem: I identify the problem (or problems) their customers are having that need to be addressed.

  Agitate: I agitate those problems. In other words, I make them worse. I show my client how big/bad the problem is and how it will get worse over time if they take no action.

  Solution: I present my solution (which is the customer’s product or service) as the answer to those problems.

2. Ask the right questions

To examine the problem, I need to ask the right questions.

What exactly are the issues my client’s customers are having with their product or service? I make sure to drill it down to the exact details.

It always means I need to have an honest conversation with my client. It can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

3. Identify the problem that needs to be addressed.

Identifying the customer’s problem is important. This may well come from asking the right questions. I need to put myself in the shoes of my client’s customer’s. What are the issues they’re dealing with? How have they tried to resolve those issues? Are my client’s competitors facing the same problems with their customers? What problems do their customers have with their product or service?

4. Agitate the problem that’s been identified.

Using an agitation solution, I ask my client what could happen if they continue to let the problem exist. And I show them how much more comfortable, easier, or rewarding their customers’ lives will be when we solve this problem.

5. Solve the problems I’ve identified.

I explain to my client why my approach will solve their problems and provide them with so many more benefits than they ever could’ve imagined. The aim here is to promote my client’s product or service

If you need help with the problem-agitation-solution model, contact me at or on 0411 745 193.


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