So many business people need to write a bio of their business, a company profile.

Many don’t do it because it’s so finicky and time consuming when their time could be better spent running their business and making sales.

If you want to do it, I would recommend you do so in five ways:

1. Upload your company logo.

This is important because it introduces people to your company. A logo https://support.procore.com/products/online/user-guide/company-level/admin/tutorials/upload-a-company-logo or picture, as they say, is worth a 1000 words. People will respond better when you upload a picture of your company.

2. Tell the story of the company.

This can be done with the “About Us” section of the website https://www.shopify.com.au/blog/how-to-write-an-about-us-page where you basically outline what the company does. A good idea is to write a company history, how the company started, where it was located and how it developed.

3. Link more than one person on the company profile

Putting people’s profiles on your company’s website https://www.tinypulse.com/blog/should-companies-feature-their-team-on-their-website is critical. Put in their emails, phone numbers and social media links. It’s an exercise that engages the viewer, highlights the business’s organizational culture and shows how transparent your company is. It’s what people value these days. Make sure you put as many people as you can as that will give people more access to your company

4. List all the goods and services your business offers.

You need to put in goods and services descriptions. https://www.hostpapa.com.au/blog/marketing/how-to-write-effective-product-service-descriptions/. These should tell the reader what the product and service does, and should highlight the value to your customers by telling them how these solve their problems and showcases their unique selling points.

5. Include links and social media pages

Your potential clients will want to find as many references as possible so put in all your company’s external links and social media pages https://famepilot.com/how-to-add-social-media-links-to-google-my-business-listing-in-serp/ on your website.

If you don’t have time to do this, contact me at [email protected] or on 0411 745 193.