Storytelling is art, copywriting is marketing. The two are different, but they share common ground.

Both tell a story. Companies want to have their stories told. If the story is good enough, it might engage the reader and get them buying the product of service.

But of course, copywriting and storytelling are two different things. In storytelling, it’s all about the writer, their use of language and how well they tell the story. With copywriting, it’s all about the reader, it’s about the reader knowing the client’s problems and what they client needs. The copy has to lead to action. Sometimes that’s a story and sometimes it isn’t. But even when it’s a story, it’s not the story the copywriter wants to tell. It’s all about what the reader needs to know about the client. That’s the real story.

I have had clients with stories. But I have followed these five rules.  

  1. Brevity

The client has a story to tell about their issues and problems and what they really need. .They are looking for a solution. They don’t want to dwell on it and they want to stick to the point. What I do as a copywriter is use only the number of words that are needed. That’s true whether it 50 or 5000 words. I am concise.  I make sure the copy is engaging and relevant. I don’t make unnecessary plays on words or side issues when I’m copywriting. Everything has to be relevant to the client. Short and to the point.

2. Clarity

The client is always quite clear about what their issues are and what they need.  As their copywriter I make sure I write concisely and focus on the client’s audience so they know exactly what the client wants.

3. Overcoming a challenge

The client faces challenges. They might need a blog, an annual report or a podcast. The challenge is they are too busy running their business and making sales. Time is a luxury they don’t have. They have learned how to allocate their time and resources. As their copywriter, I spell out the challenges they face with their time constraints, and how I can address that.

4. The project and venture

The client needs a blog that gives them thought leadership. Or a podcast that promotes their business and point of view.  They need a management report or an annual report that spells out all the issues. As their copywriter, I examine the different ways these services can give them what they need. I tell the story of what they want and how these services can do that. I spell it out in specific ways.

5. Call to action

The client needs to know what to do next. I provide them with a call to action telling them how to contact me for my services contacting me by phone, by email or even pressing a button.

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