So many of you are now selling properties?

But you don’t know how to put it into words to attract buyers. You know how it is. You need something different and real estate agents and property writers tend to cut and paste from web. You need to find your own words and not pinch them off someone else, to write up this great piece of real estate you’re selling.

I am telling you to do it in 5 ways:

1. Avoid buzzwords.

Nothing annoys people buying a property more than buzzwords and jargon like “Will not last”, “cozy” and “charming”. Instead, use your own words to describe your property. Paint a picture of the property. “Imagine having breakfast on the balcony outside your room on the property and gazing out at Port Phillip Bay.” That makes it sound different and sure thing, It’s sure to get a response.

2. Keep the demographics of the property in mind.

Use tools like , and to work out the particular demographics for your particular property. If, for example, it is in Port Melbourne it would appeal to young professionals looking for lifestyle and location. The same tools could give you the demographics for other properties. If you are selling a three or four bedroom property, pitch your appeal to families highlighting the local parks, playgrounds and schools.

3. Highlight the best features and amenities

With the aid of a real estate photographer you can highlight all the terrific features of this property that made it special. Everything from the convenient location and its history, the carefully designed kitchen and dining area complete with dishwasher and floor to ceiling windows. Talk about why you love this property.

4. Visit the property

Visit property and interview the tenants, find out why they like it. That will give you a good feel for the place. When you talk to tenants, ask key questions about the property. That always creates better copy.

5. Keep it simple

Finally, keep the write up short and simple. Be specific and descriptive. Don’t go on and on. People have limited attention spans. Your aim is to entice people in to see the property.

Do all this and people will be making appointments to come in and inspect it.

If you need a copywriter do this for you to help you sell your property, or a property you’re managing, call me on 0411 745 193. Or email me at