These include everything from increased use of social media to podcasts. It’s all about knowing the kind of writing that best attracts and engages readers who are always busy. Done well, copywriting identifies the brand voice that appeals to customers.

Here are five big trends in copywriting today:

1. SEO

Search engine optimization has now become even more critical. Google does 99,000 searches every second providing readers with relevant web pages. Copywriting needs to use all the SEO tools to connect readers with the brand.

2. Social media

Social media has now become more important for copywriters. Social media is used by one-in-three people in the world, and more than two-thirds of all internet users.  There are 4.55 billion social media users around the world in October 2021, equating to 57.6%of the total global population. If my copy isn’t using social media, I risk losing the chance to connect with a global market

3. Podcasts

 Podcasts are becoming more popular in Australia. According to the latest stats, the average Aussie listener spends around 1 hour 54 minutes per week on podcasts and 87% of podcast listening is done at home. Podcasting relies on scripts or episode plans. That’s what I do as a copywriter when I use podcasts.

4. Blogs

Copywriting is also about producing blogs which provide information, entertainment, or inspiration. Good blogs build up the reputation of the business, and inform customers about its products and services. A good blogging strategy requires content marketing and outreach expertise to get readers to connect with the brand.

5. Story telling

Everyone loves a good story, particularly these days. Good copywriting connects with their audience through a story. This could involve focusing on the needs and wants of the customer or highlighting the emotional benefits of a product or service, and showing how it can solve their problems. I use a technique called problem-agitate-solve where I identify the reader’s problem, explore their pain before offering the client’s solution and services as the answer. I also address their objections – lack of budget lack of trust lack of need lack of urgency. And it’s all done as a story.

How does that sound? What are your thoughts about these trends? Are there any other copywriting ideas and issues you want me to examine? Please leave a comment. Or share this post.

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