A lot of real estate agents tell me they can’t use my copywriting services because they are using Chat GPT.

I understand why.  Real estate agents are always flat chat. Real estate agents who are short on time often have a plethora of responsibilities to manage, from client meetings to property viewings, from auctions to negotiations.

In such a fast-paced environment, they’ll be tempted to use Chat GPT because they just don’t have time to write their own content.

But consider this. Chat GPT is bad for marketing their business because it’s all the same and it’s impossible to replicate authentic stories and insights. It’s also no good for a website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). They need my skills as a copywriter to tell their story.

Chat GPT and AI are bad for marketing because a real estate agent’s biggest attraction is their authenticity. Chat GPT doesn’t know this. It has no idea how to produce off-the-wall ideas, unique insights and ability to empathize with buyers and vendors.  Chat GPT makes the company’s language toned down and unrecognisable. It means the real estate agent can’t stand out from their competitors.

That’s why they need me as a copywriter.

I make it my business to get to know the real estate agent, so I will know how to emphasise why the agent is different to their competitors., in their words. Something Chat GPT and AI can’t do. The distinctiveness is critical.The key purpose of marketing content is to stand out from the competition and to present the real estate agent’s brand in a way that gives potential buyers and vendors a reason to give them a try – or to at least reach out for more information. That’s going to be hard to do if agents are using the same Chat GPT technology their competitors to write their marketing materials. After all, if they have access to this tool, so does everyone else that is competing for attention in their market. And if they all use it, the marketing content is inevitably going to look similar – if not exactly the same – from one agent to the next.

Real estate agents that use human copywriters to create their marketing content might wind up having a distinct advantage. Human copywriters will be able to evaluate the competition in real time and develop unique marketing ideas. Chat GPT can’t do that.

The other problem is that Chat GPT is not great for an agent’s SEO.

For sure, Chat GPT can be good for keyword search . Agents can use ChatGPT to find related keywords to their target keywords for their websites.

But there are limitations.

Original content is good for SEO because when a website creates high-quality, original content that is relevant to a user’s search query, it signals to search engines that the website is a credible source of information on the subject. This can improve the website’s visibility and ranking in search results, as search engines are more likely to recommend websites that provide valuable and relevant information to users.

Text generated by AI software like Chat GPT is not original content which makes it bad for SEO. AI draws its information from data that is fed to it from existing sources on the Internet  Let’s cut to the chase:  website copy generated from Chat GPT is taken from somewhere else.

Google wants to present its users with the best search results so it is trying to weed out stuff written by bots. Google is not stupid. It knows that people are manipulating Chat GPT to get a higher SEO ranking, artificially rising to the top of the search results page with no effort. This doesn’t reflect the site’s actual content. That’s why Google distinguishes between AI-generated and human-made content.

This is also why real estate agents should use human copywriters for original content. It boosts the SEO on their websites, something Chat GPT can’t do. And human copywriters can save them time to concentrate on building their business.

Think of it this way. An agent might spend half a day trying to write copy for their website. The copywriter can do it for them and allow the agent to spend that time instead getting thousands of dollars of sales. Human copywriters can deliver thousands of dollars of return on investment (ROI) for agents.

As a copywriter with a knack for real estate financials, I’m here to craft compelling content that truly resonates. Something they can’t do with Chat GPT.       

If you’re a real estate agent looking to elevate your brand with unique and captivating messaging, let’s connect.

Drop me a line at leon@leongettler.com or give me a call at 0411 745 193. Let’s make your brand shine in the market!