For sure, there are property finance companies that have expressed interest in my services as a copywriter.

First, I need to find out if they have the budget. But before we can begin, we need to have a conversation around some questions they need to answer around their marketing strategy.

As a copywriter, I need those questions answered so I can work in with that strategy.

Here are the questions:


1. Describe your target audience?

Generally, these would be people targeting diversified property portfolios. While many will initially gain exposure to real estate through residential property  – this makes sense, as residential property is easier to purchase and it is generally more familiar to buyers – commercial properties prioritise factors like proximity to tenants, transportation, workforce hubs, and healthy local economies.

Think about it – these are all key points of appeal in attracting potential tenants to generate income for the investor.


2. What problems do you solve for your audience?

Investors are always worried about what to do when they confront economic downturns like the one we’re in now. As a rule. economic downturns always hit the property market hard. During a recession, job losses and lower consumer confidence can lead to less demand for homes and commercial properties.

Prices fall so investors face tough choices when the value of their properties drops fast. The property finance company needs to have the strategies to deal with these problems. They need to have the solution.


3. How is your solution unique?

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments anyone can make. Whether the property is residential or commercial – for personal or business –  this property finance  firm shows it is committed to assisting their clients with their  property finance requirements.


4. Describe your brand?

This property finance firm should understand that all business, including property investments, is personal. Their goal is to understand their client’s business thoroughly. With a deep understanding of where they have come from, where they are going and their current challenges and opportunities, they can tailor a solution that meets clients’ needs.


5. Do you have brand guidelines?

The brand guidelines require a Style Guide covering usage rules for the company’s colours, fonts, logo, clear space around the logo and more. It will also provide examples of how not to represent their brand.


6. What are your marketing tactics and content strategy?

This firm creates content and does the marketing that educates or takes a view on the market or industry trends can help it engage with both clients and journalists.


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