Advertorials written by copywriters are a departure from traditional advertising because they don’t rely on catchy slogans, attractive models, or cheerful music.

Instead, the copywriter provides useful and interesting information. As a result, consumers may pay them greater attention than they would traditional ads.

Fintech companies selling security software can significantly benefit from advertorials written by copywriters in several ways:

1. Educating Potential Customers
Advertorials offer a platform to educate potential customers about the importance of security in financial technology. As the financial services industry moves into a digital age, so too does fraud stay at pace with the rapidity of digital innovation.

In 2022, Cifas found that the rate of fraud in the UK rose 17% year-on-year, 11% higher than that even seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Needless to say, it’s now more important than ever for businesses and financial institutions to protect against fraud.

By presenting complex security issues and solutions in an informative and engaging way, fintech companies can build awareness and understanding of their products and attract financial services companies and banks as clients.


2. Building Trust and Credibility

Advertorials, particularly those published in reputable industry publications, can enhance the credibility of a fintech company. As fintech companies strive to establish credibility and trust with their audiences, the need for expert-driven content becomes paramount.

Here’s why fintech content must be authored by experts, copywriters who understand the fintech business, to ensure success and credibility in this dynamic sector.  By providing valuable content rather than just a sales pitch, these companies can position themselves as thought leaders and trusted experts in cybersecurity.

3. Highlighting Unique Selling Points

Advertorials provide an opportunity to highlight the unique features and benefits of the company’s security software. A good advertorial from a copywriter doesn’t clearly state that an advertiser made the post in the copy, but it also doesn’t hide that fact.

An advertorial should provide the same high-quality content as a blog post or video, putting a spotlight on their products. With the copywriter weaving these points into a compelling narrative, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and demonstrate the practical advantages of their solutions.

4. Addressing Pain Points

Effective advertorials focus on the specific pain points and challenges faced by the target audience. The increasing use of technology and digitization in the financial sector has made financial institutions a prime target for cybercriminals, who are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in their systems to exploit.

So, in order to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers and bank account details, businesses need to pay close attention to the level of security they implement. Doing so  will also help them maintain clients’ trust and build long-term relationships with their users.

By addressing these concerns and showing how their security software can solve these problems, fintech company copywriters can create a strong connection with potential customers.

5. Enhancing SEO and Online Presence

High-quality, keyword-rich advertorials can improve a company’s search engine ranking, driving organic traffic to their website. This increased visibility can lead to more inquiries and conversions. Organic traffic created by copywriters refers to visitors who arrive on the fintech company’s website through unpaid (“organic”) search engine results from Google, Bing, and other search engines—rather than paid advertising or other referral methods.

Organic traffic relies on the site’s ability to rank in search results—i.e., achieve high search rankings—through relevant keywords, high-quality content, and adherence to SEO best practices.  If the site ranks organically for terms people search for, it will gain traffic when users click on the link on the search engine results page (SERP). In contrast, paid search ads require payment to rank on a search results page.

6. Leveraging Storytelling

Through storytelling, advertorials can make technical and potentially dry topics more engaging. What’s a brand to do if their product or topic could be considered “dry”?

A complex or esoteric topic can make it a challenge to create a story that not only appeals to the public at large, but also helps them understand why they need your product or service.  With the copywriter presenting case studies, testimonials, and success stories, fintech companies can illustrate real-world applications and benefits of their security software.

7. Establishing Authority in the Industry

By regularly contributing valuable content to industry publications, fintech companies can use copywriters to establish themselves as authorities in cybersecurity. Within Fintech companies, cybersecurity plays a critical role in protecting clients from losing their competitive edge.

Indeed, today’s vital financial systems are exposed to a variety of cyber threats that may disrupt the whole business model. In today’s fast-paced environment, cybersecurity is anticipated to become an intrinsic element of the strategy, design, and operations of institutes that adopt the Fintech paradigm.  This not only attracts customers but also garners respect from peers and potential partners.

The copywriter needs to know their audience, focus on the information without selling the product and getting salesy, use data and case studies, work with reputable publications and have a good call to action to encourage readers to visit the website or request demo.

By leveraging these strategies, through the copywriter, fintech companies selling security software can effectively use advertorials to build brand awareness, educate potential customers, and drive sales.

Fintech Businesses: Need an Advertorial that Converts?

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