Financial copywriters play a crucial role in helping financial advisors effectively communicate their value proposition, attract clients, and build lasting relationships.

The best financial copywriters have experience and bring expertise in communication, marketing, compliance, and branding to the table, allowing advisors to focus on serving their clients’ financial needs.

Advisors simply don’t have time to write copy. By outsourcing it to experienced copywriters with a background writing on financials, the copywriters can help the financial professionals focus on their business and make money.

That’s the financial copywriter’s customer value proposition:


  1. Effective Communication:
    Financial concepts can be complex and intimidating for the average person. A good copywriter can translate jargon-heavy information into clear, concise, and engaging content that resonates with the audience. Financial content is difficult to write well. It’s hard to write convincingly when you’re talking about risk profiles or macroeconomics. It takes a good amount of skill, experience and practice to translate statistics and complexity into human language that lands with an audience.  Half of the equation comes from writing talent. The other half is the requisite knowledge and expertise to write about complex financial concepts. This comes from some combination of hands-on industry experience and knowledge of finance or economics.  Great copywriters can reduce an intimidating topic into its constituent parts without diluting the details. And they can infuse these parts with crackling energy that ignites engagement. This ability is the essence of great writing, and in domains like finance, it’s a must.
  2. Building Trust: The problem in Australia is few people trust financial advisors. A survey found Australians are less trusting of financial advisers than their global peers. The survey showed damage from the Hayne royal commission is still having a lasting effect on industry perception. The survey found 56% of global retail investors are trusting of financial advisers. In Australia, it’s only 42%, less than half. As Holly Mackay from Boring Money put it more broadly when she told the Financial Times: “A lack of clarity about the benefits of financial planning, combined with opacity around charging, are key contributors to a lingering sense of suspicion about the profession.” This is why trust is crucial in the financial advisory industry. Well-crafted copy can help establish credibility, convey expertise, and build trust with potential clients. An experienced copywriter who understands finance and economics can create content that showcases the advisor’s knowledge and experience while reassuring clients about their financial decisions and ensuring the client that the advisor can be trusted.
  3. Marketing Materials:
    From website content to brochures, newsletters, and social media posts, financial advisors need various marketing materials to reach their target audience. A skilled copywriter can tailor content for each platform, ensuring consistency in messaging and brand voice through diverse content types – from advertising copies and blog posts to white papers and digital marketing campaigns.   A finance copywriter creates captivating and valuable content across multiple platforms such as blogs, websites, newsletters, social media posts, brochures, etc., which revolve around heavy topics in finance like mortgages, investments, insurance policies, or economic trends. A good finance copywriter with experience in financials can understand all this. It’s what sets them apart from competitors.
  4. Compliance:
    Financial regulations and compliance requirements can be strict and complex. Finding a copywriter who gets the investment landscape is like gold dust. They are so rare. If they do a good job, the client could be comfortable for a long time. If they can’t explain something relatively simple like what a bond is, then they will be shown the door. Simple as that. A copywriter with experience in the financial industry can navigate these regulations and ensure that all marketing materials adhere to legal standards while still being engaging and informative. Skilled finance copywriters pay close attention to the details, that are crucial when interpreting intricate regulatory requirements. They can meticulously analyze regulations to ensure that their writing accurately reflects the compliance standards. Financial copywriters often conduct extensive research to produce accurate and informative content. This research-oriented mindset enables them to delve deep into regulatory documents, understand their implications, and apply them appropriately in their work. Skilled copywriters excel at presenting information in a clear and transparent manner, which is essential for interpreting and communicating regulatory requirements to various stakeholders, including clients, consumers, and regulatory bodies. Misinterpretation or miscommunication of financial regulations can have serious consequences for businesses, including legal penalties and reputational damage. By leveraging their expertise in compliance and regulations, financial copywriters help mitigate these risks by ensuring that communications are accurate and compliant.
  5. Lead Generation:
    Compelling copy can attract potential clients and generate leads for the advisor’s business. Whether it’s through blog posts, email campaigns, or advertisements, a skilled copywriter can create content that prompts action and drives conversions. To bring people to the client’s website, the financial copywriter will need to provide quality content. These people will come from multiple sources including search engines, from links appearing on other websites and blogs, and from social media and social networking websites. Search engines are constantly looking for fresh, high-quality content from copywriters. Fresh, updated content will ensure rankings go up and down accordingly. In order to remain in the fray, the financial services company will constantly need new content. In order to get new leads. Their websites require content from the copywriter that makes both search engines as well as human visitors happy.  The biggest advantage of working with a skilled finance copywriter is that their entire content writing effort will be targeted towards their client’s prospective customers by generating leads.
  6. Educational Content:
    Many individuals seek out financial advisors for guidance on planning for their future. By creating educational content such as articles, whitepapers, or guides, advisors can demonstrate their expertise and provide value to their audience. A copywriter can help distill complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand and actionable advice. Depending on the client’s topic, purpose, and audience, the copywriter may choose different formats for educational copy.

For example, guides are usually long-form content that provide comprehensive information and instructions on a topic, Tutorials are usually shorter and more focused content that show how to perform a specific task or achieve a specific result. White papers are usually formal and authoritative content that present research, analysis, or solutions on a complex or controversial issue. Each format has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you need to consider which one suits your topic, purpose, and audience best.Overall, the role of a copywriter for financial advisors is crucial in crafting compelling, compliant, and informative content that helps attract and retain clients in a competitive market.Stop settling for mediocre copy and start maximizing your business potential today! If you’re ready to elevate your brand with compelling, expertly crafted content that drives results, look no further. With decades of experience in a former life as a business finance and economics journalist and analyst, backed by a PhD and four published books, I bring unparalleled insights and understanding to every project.

In an industry where knowledge is power, my expertise and the time I have spent as a writer sets me apart from competitors. What makes me unique is that  I work with financial advisors who just don’t have time to write copy. I save clients time and free them up to make money.

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