In a highly competitive market where property prices are rising, mortgage brokers need the marketing services of copywriters.

As a provider of newsletters, blogs, articles, and website content, I can offer a range of services to mortgage brokers to enhance their marketing efforts, establish their expertise, and attract potential clients.

Here are some specific services I offer:

1. Customized Newsletters: I create monthly or quarterly newsletters tailored to the mortgage broker’s target audience and help them stay in touch with their prospects, clients and referral partners by providing analyses of the mortgage-backed securities market. These newsletters can segment and target messages. separate contacts into email lists by audience. For instance, referral partners are usually industry professionals, and the content that will appeal to them is generally going to be industry-specific. Consumers, on the other hand, may not care about mortgage industry news. They’re more likely to pay attention to articles about mortgages and the home buying process, ways of getting loans from a bank, or paying their mortgages off faster. Or if they’re existing customers, they might want to know the value of their current property and how to get equity out of their home. These newsletters can also include updates on mortgage rates, industry news, tips for home buyers, testimonials from satisfied clients, and relevant financial advice

2. Educational Blog Posts: I produce informative blog posts on topics related to mortgages, home buying tips, refinancing options, understanding mortgage terms, improving credit scores, etc. These posts can help establish the broker’s authority in the industry and drive traffic to their website. The Helia Spotlight found first home buyers recognise the importance of engaging a mortgage broker. More than 81% of survey respondents confirmed brokers provide valuable support and guidance through the home buying and investment property acquisition process.  To assist brokers in continuing this invaluable support, Helia published a suite of resources for first home buyers. The resources have been developed specifically to help mortgage brokers have conversations with first home buyers about their deposit options, plan their entry into the property market and buy a property. The educational blog post was part of this process.

3. Website Content Optimization: I optimize the broker’s website content for search engines to improve visibility and attract organic traffic. This involves researching relevant keywords, creating compelling meta descriptions, and ensuring that the content is informative, engaging, and easy to read. Just having a website doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s got to be optimized, fine-tuned, and prepared to turn curious visitors into loyal clients.. Its functionality, appearance, and content dictate how the mortgage broker is perceived. This means understanding the target audience, having quality web design, good loading speeds, clear call to actions and great relevant content. A regularly updated blog that delves into mortgage tips, market trends, and home-buying insights can position the mortgage broker as the go-to expert in their niche. Diversifying content formats, like adding videos or infographics, can cater to varied audience preferences, enhancing their on-site experience.

4. Content for Social Media: I develop engaging content for the broker’s social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or X as it’s now known, and Instagram. This can include sharing blog posts, creating infographics, conducting live Q&A sessions, and posting timely updates on mortgage rates or industry news. Social media allows mortgage brokers to showcase expertise and thought leadership. It allows them to regularly share industry insights, trends and tips to position themselves as trusted authorities in the mortgage sector. With social media, they can engage in conversations and answer queries to further establish credibility.

5. Email Campaigns: I design and implement email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and maintain relationships with clients. Mortgage email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that provides a way for mortgage brokers to engage with their target audience, current clients, and real estate referral partners to build relationships. Email marketing can include a variety of options that allow mortgage brokers to educate potential borrowers, provide updates on the current mortgage process, and help keep their name out in front of potential borrowers regularly. Remaining on the mind of clients helps to maintain a relationship and earn repeat and referral business. Unlike other marketing strategies, such as social media engagement, email marketing allows the mortgage broker to send a message directly to a contact, giving them the ability to directly engage with them on their time frame. Open rates for email campaigns can be as high as 40%. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is the ability to track its effectiveness, especially when using a quality CRM.

6. Content Strategy Consulting: I provide guidance on developing a content strategy aligned with the broker’s marketing goals and target audience. This may include identifying content gaps, planning editorial calendars, and measuring the effectiveness of content marketing efforts. The essence lies in weaving stories that resonate, providing value that enlightens, and engaging in a manner that captivates. It’s not merely about listing services; it’s about illustrating how those services will pave the way to a dream home or investment. Every piece of content should shimmer with clarity, be soaked in reliability, and echo with empathy towards the dreams and concerns of potential clients. Employing rich language and an inviting tone can transform dry financial information into compelling narratives. I make sure each sentence serves as a stepping stone that guides readers closer to making one of the most significant decisions of their lives with confidence.

By offering these services, I help mortgage brokers establish their brand, attract new clients, and build trust with their audience in a competitive market. Additionally, I can tailor services to meet the specific needs and goals of each broker I work with, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to content marketing.

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