An Unpromised Land



Can you imagine how the world would have been different if Israel was in Australia?

This is the true and little known story of an attempt to set up a Jewish settlement of refugees in the Kimberleys during the Second World War.

Months before Hitler’s tanks rolled into Poland, it won the support of the West Australian government. It also had the support of the ACTU, all the churches, and business.

The Federal government sat on it for five years until it decided not to go ahead with it. But the debate around migration and what kind of country people wanted Australia to be paved the way for the post-war migration boom which changed Australia, allowing in non-British migrants.

Although it happened decades ago, I’m sure you would agree the topic is highly relevant now.

My book An Unpromised Land was published in the 1990s, and I got an Australian Book Council award for it. It was originally published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press. I own the rights to the book. It has now been published on Audible

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