Hypocrisy over Chloe Shorten’s necklace

13 May 2017 12:16 pm

In another example of how bad political discourse in Australia has become, there's the big controversy which broke out during the week with Liberal MPs texting journalists alerting them to the way Chloe Shorten removed a glistening necklace about 30 minutes into Bill Shorten’s budget-in-reply speech.

They had assumed it was an expensive piece of jewellery and that Ms Shorten had removed it so as not to clash with her husband’s attacks on tax-dodging corporations and millionaires.

It turns out the necklace cost just $25 and was purchased from some jewellery chain.

The hypocrisy here is extraordinary. Liberals who had received $250,000 worth of Rolex watches from Chinese businessmen were complaining about Chloe Shorten's $25 necklace.

One thing for sure. You can bet Lucy Turnbull has never worn a $25 necklace in her life.

Leon Gettler



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