"Leon is an outstandingly fluent speaker with a wide repertoire of subjects... his views on governance and business ethics, globalisation and fundamental leadership are informed and convincing."

- Peter Isaacson


Leon Gettler is a seasoned independent journalist, and a regular contributor to a long list of respected business and finance publications. He regularly fills in when publishers require urgent or timely articles that require depth of experience, knowledge and expertise.

He wrote for The Age for 18 years under various titles including Chief Industrial Reporter, Investigative Reporter with the Insight Team, and the Business team. For 10 years he wrote the fortnightly column Just Managing. His journalism awards include the United Nations Media Peace Award (1997) and the Professor John Miller Distinguished Achievement Award.

From 2000 to 2003, Gettler was co-editor of The Australian Institute of Management's (AIM) journal Management Today. Currently Gettler is a regular freelance contributor to Management Today and writes a weekly column in Business Spectator. He also writes regularly for ProPrint, CRN, Charter and Public Accountant. He runs two blogs. The first for The CEO Institute is The CEO's Desk. The second, for The Fifth Estate, is Green MashUp. He has two podcasts for RMIT, Talking Business and Talking Technology and also presents weekly news radio shows, Talking Tachless and Shlepping'n'Shmoozing, and a jazz program, Jazz With Gettler on J-AIR (878.8FM or j-air.com.au)

Prior to joining Fairfax Media, Gettler was the senior state political reporter for the Sun News-Pictorial and court reporter and police roundsman for The Truth from 1984 to 1986.

Always versatile, Leon Gettler continually researches global trends in management and business. He covers issues related to Management, Technology, Human Resources, Executive Pay, Customer Service, Management Education, Employee Education and Ethics in many industries worldwide.


Leon writes and manages several blogs. For 9 years, he wrote Sox First (www.soxfirst.com) which covered issues related to the Sarbanes-Oxley act and how it affects the United States business market. Sox First was ranked among the top 50 business blogs on Technorati and has a large international following. It covers corporate governance, ethics and the relationship between business and society. Gettler is frequently approached by US lawyers and journalists to comment on issues covered in this blog.

Gettler's blog Management Line for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald was consistently the top website traffic draw for Fairfax Media Limited. It had significant international readership and was frequently cited by bloggers overseas. Gettler's other blogs included Let's Go Economics, Let's Go Environment, the AMCRC blog, The Business of Green, and Management Buzz for the Australian Institute of Management.

Leon's blog BizzMaven covers all the business issues


Gettler's first book, An Unpromised Land, received the National Book Council Prize.

His second book, Organisations Behaving Badly, was short-listed for the Blake Dawson Waldron prize for business literature.

His third book is 10 Ways To Survive The Corporate World.

He is currently working other books and ebooks for release later this year.

Public Speaker, Presenter and Lecturer

Gettler is highly sought after as a public speaker and guest lecturer. His depth of knowledge and engaging style invite audiences to explore facts, trends and ideas, and relate them into a cohesive story.

His unique point of view, plain-English style, and sense of humour delights and inspires audiences at events and conferences worldwide.

Podcast Producer and Interviewer

Leon Gettler and commentator Garry Barker produce 2 regular podcasts for the College of Business at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology): Talking Business and Talking Technology. In these podcasts, Gettler and Barker interview industry experts on a diverse range of business and technology topics.

Leon Gettler

Talking Business Podcast

Talking Business is a weekly podcast review of the Australian economy, featuring interviews with prominent business leaders and expert analysis from RMIT University academics. The series is produced by experienced journalists Garry Barker and Leon Gettler and sponsored by RMIT.

Visit Talking Business Podcast web site

Talking Technology Podcast

Talking Technology is a weekly podcast review of the world of technology, featuring interviews with leaders in the field and expert analysis from RMIT University academics. Garry Barker is a technology expert who writes the weekly Mac Man column for The Age's Green Guide. Leon Gettler writes widely on business.

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