Turkey becomes buffer zone for refugees

01 December 2015 10:47 am

Bingo! The European Union has turned Turkey into the police man for refugees.

Earlier this week, we saw the European Union provide Turkey with 3 billion Euros to stop the flow of refugees. The deal came just days after Turkey shot down the Russian warplane and arrested journalists on trumped up charges of spying.

The ink was barely dry on the deal when we had the news that Turkey had rounded up 1300 refugees and sent them to repatriation centres where they would face deportation, back to the war zone. Turkey is no place for the niceties in the treatment of human rights.

Turkey itself has all but closed its borders.

Turkey has so far accepted around 2.5 million war refugees from Syria, but they do not have refugee status there. Some 250,000 people live in 25 huge camps without access to work or education.

The war in Syria is intensifying. There are now enormous air strikes by France and the United States, as well as Russia. Whatever is left of Syria’s infrastructure, including schools and hospitals, is being razed to the ground.

So with all that going on, Turkey has begun to reject all refugees at the border.

Hundreds of refugees are gathering in the woods in the hills southeast of Antakya, Turkey in order to be taken across the border illegally by smugglers. Turkish border guards are mercilessly hunting them down, forcing them back into Syria.

These are massive violations of the Geneva Convention and Turkey is carrying them out under pressure from the European governments, which don't want to accept any more refugees.

The bottom line is that the EU is using Turkey to do its dirty work in pushing back refugees. And no-one gives a stuff about the Geneva conventions and other conventions on the rights of refugees.

With such inhuman treatment of the now millions of Syrian refugees, talk of a military escalation in Syria to stop a humanitarian catastrophe is just hypocrisy.