Asylum seeker deaths in Australia

20 October 2015 7:39 pm

Another day in Australia and another asylum seeker perishes

As reported by the ABC, Afghan man Khodayar Amini, 30, doused himself in petrol and set himself alight in Dandenong in the state of Victoria. Refugee advocates say his mental health had deteriorated because he was terrified of being deported and sent back to the Taliban.

Amini had been living in his car to avoid police who he was afraid were going to send him back to immigration detention. He had previously been released from the notorious Yongah Hill detention centre in Western Australia after spending a little over three years in immigration detention. The last thing he wanted was to be returned either to detention or to Afghanistan where the Taliban have been waging terror raids on the Hazara like Amini, kidnapping and beheading them.

Amini is not an isolated case. Hazara asylum seeker Nasim Najafi died from a "suspected suicide" in Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre in July, there had been two confirmed suicides in Perth and one suspicious death. All of them were Hazara asylum seekers

Before his death, Amini sent the following message to advocates:
I Khodayar Amini write the following few sentences… Yes they did this to me, with slogans of humanity, sentenced me to death.
My crime was that I was a refugee. They tortured me for 37 months and during all these times, they treated me in the most cruel and inhumane way.
They violated my basic human right and took away my human dignity with their false and so called humane slogans.
They killed me as well as many of my friends such as: Nasim Najafi, Reza Rezayee and Ahmad Ali Jaffari.
They were my friends and their crime was that they had sought asylum in Australia.
I write this statement with my blood for those who call themselves human beings, I ask you to stand up for the rights of refugees and stop people being killed just because they have become refugees.
Humanity is not a slogan; every human being has the right to live. Living shouldn’t a crime anymore.
Red Cross, Immigration and the Police killed me with their slogans of humanity and cruel treatments.

Significantly. the minister for Immigration Peter Dutton, an ex-cop, has washed his hands of the case and refused to comment, claiming it’s being investigated by police. Of course, he would need balls to comment, something he’s lacking.

All of this is part of the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in Australia with a Senate committee hearing this week that none of the 14 cases of sexual assault reported at the Manus Island immigration detention facility over the past 18 months had led to prosecutions

And of course, it's coming at a price with the Senate told Australian taxpayers forked out $280 million in three months to keep asylum seekers and refugees in offshore detention. That includes 79 children.

The lack of humanity in Australia, a place that started out as prison island, is breathtaking.