Trump tells supporters to hurt protesters

08 March 2016 9:15 pm

One of the big trends has been the physical violence at the rallies for Donald Trump. One of the reasons it continues is because Trump does nothing to stop it. In fact, he wants supporters to bash protesters.

For example last Friday, Trump seemed to get off on it. According to CBS New York, he proclaimed that a violent episode involving a protester at one of his rallies “was amazing to watch”

During one interruption, Trump said, “Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do I’ll defend you in court.” “Are Trump rallies the most fun?” he then asked the crowd. “We’re having a good time.”.

The he started talking about an incident at a New Hampshire rally where a protester started “swinging and punching.” Trump said some people in the audience “took him out.” “It was really amazing to watch,” he said.

In one incident, a young African-American woman was roughly shoved, screamed at and called names by white supremacist Trump supporters.

Not surprisingly, police are now investigating Neo-Nazi attacks at Trump rallies.

All with Trump’s endorsement.